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IP Lawyers 4 All connect eligible inventors and creators with IP Lawyers in distant lands to defend intellectual property rights (IPRs).

Through a clearing house process, eligible IPR-holders will have access to participating IP Lawyers, who will undertake to give advice and act “pro bono”.

IP Lawyers 4 All has just started. We are currently focusing our attention to key regions including Southern Africa, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Malaysia, and Singapore as part of a piloting phase, but we are working towards extending links with more governments and IP institutes, as well as lawyers and IP academics to expand membership and participation.

IP attorneys are invited to join as “participating lawyers” to join the initiative. We are also very interested to hear from creators and inventors and small businesses who would like to take part and we would also like to hear from potential sponsors – IP offices, Institutes, businesses and associations of inventors, creators or professionals – that would like to join us. IP Lawyers may participate by accepting the “pledge”, the guiding principles set out in a document available on this website.


If your IP is being used in another country and you are looking for legal advice or representation, then you have come to the right place!

  • I am an inventor or creator
  • I am a small business owning IP
  • My IP has been used abroad in ways I did not approve
  • I seek legal advice or representation, but cannot afford to pay
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You are a specialised IP practising lawyer and wish to offer pro bono legal advice to eligible inventors, creators and small businesses that may be experiencing difficulties or are facing unauthorised use of their IP in your country.

  • In private practice or university professor
  • Able to advise and represent clients professionally
  • Willing to act pro bono
  • Willing to defend the rights of foreign IP owners independently, impartially, without fear or favour.
Become a participating Lawyer


Supporters, funders, participating lawyers and IP Lawyers 4 All who share the belief that a global IPR-system will function more justly and, thus, be more fully and widely adopted, if a level playing field is created between IPR-holders and users, everywhere.

You are a more established IP owner or inventor or creator and out of solidarity, empathy, passion or a sense of justice wish to get involved in the initiative. You believe you have experience, skills, energy or other contributions that you are willing to offer voluntarily.

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No Attorney-Client Relationship Created by Use of this Website: Neither your receipt of information from this website, nor your use of this website to contact IP Lawyers 4 All, or one of its team members, creates an attorney-client relationship between you and IP Lawyers 4 All. IP Lawyers 4 All is not a law firm; it is a nonprofit initiative working with lawyers who pledge pro bono services voluntarily. You should not use this website to provide confidential information about a legal matter of yours to IP Lawyers 4 All.