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  • I the undersigned undertake to accept as a pro bono client any natural person or SME (as defined) based in a country other than my own, with which the country of my firm’s habitual residence has diplomatic relations, in relation to any alleged civil dispute over the ownership or subsistence of intellectual property rights, or breach of licensing agreements or breach of confidence or trade secret law, where it is the natural person or SME that is my client that asserts original rights based on intellectual property in-house developed or developed by past or present employees of the SME.

    My undertaking is without prejudice to my professional obligations of my home bar, including but not limited to confidentiality, transparency (to client) and absence of conflict of interest. In addition, I undertake to examine any asserted claim for its legal viability in my home jurisdiction where I am qualified. My pledge includes the rendering of an opinion about the risks and chances of success of any claim, if so requested by the pro bono client and his proximate advisors. My pledge is consistent with the IBA Declaration on pro bono of 2008.

    My pledge will not relieve the pro bono client from ensuring the cover of costs and expenses, including possibly the payment of guarantees or letters of credit in security for cost applications and to pay for court and attorney fees and fees and disbursements to be incurred in the orderly running of any legal case, whether concerning in-court or out-of-court settlements or arbitration and mediation costs (including any translations and verification costs and other associated disbursements).

    Subject to the confidentiality owed to my pro bono client, I undertake to provide all reasonable information about the conduct and progress in the case and its potential associated costs and disbursements to be borne by the pro bono client to the steering committee member assigned to his or her matter by IP Lawyers 4 All during the clearing house process. I will also accept IP Lawyers 4 All’s offering to act as voluntary ombudsman or mediator in case of any misunderstanding, questions or concerns that a pro bono client may have in relation to my professional services rendered or to be rendered under this pledge.

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